Dahna on Pet Life Radio

Pet Life Radio Awesome Advocates : Dahna BenderRecently Dahna Bender joined Keith Sanderson and Max A Pooch on Pet Life Radio where she was named an Awesome Animal Advocate!  Click here to listen to the podcast.

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Christmas Carols Saving Little Puppies!

Dahna was featured on Joonbug’s “Charity Social” blog in December 2013.  This wonderful write up discussed Dahna’s ‘Giving of the Heart’ CD and her advocacy of National Mill Dog Rescue.   Click here to read it.

Joonbug Charity Social : Dahna Bender


Christmas Music Helps National Mill Dog Rescue

In an exclusive interview for this Examiner article, Dahna Bender discussed why she performed this act of philanthropy.  During the interview Bender said, “ The most important things to me are for me to perform acts of kindness and giving.  My voice and music are ways I can accomplish this.”  Read the full article here.

Examiner : Dahna Bender


Long Island Singer Makes Christmas Music to Save Dogs

In this interview with New York Smash, Dahna tells of her experience on her normal drive home when she spotted a protest at a pet store and pulled over. She learned that the protesters were there to defend animal rights and save dogs from puppy mills.  “It was then that I decided to take action and somehow help,” Bender told New York Smash.  Read the full article here.

New York Smash : Dahna Bender


Christmas Album to Donate Proceeds to National Mill Dog Rescue

An article in the Press-Telegram Music section discusses Dahna’s motivation behind her ‘Giving of the Heart’ Christmas CD and her heartfelt dedication to National Mill Dog Rescue.  Click here to read the full article.

Press-Telegram : Dahna Bender

A Voice for the Voiceless

Dahna was featured in the December 2013 issue of Milieu Magazine as one of the magazine’s favorite people spreading inspirational cheer.  During this interview Dahna discusses why helping puppy mill breeding dogs is so dear to her heart.  Click here to read the full article.

Milieu Magazine : Dahna Bender


Dahna Bender is Using Her Voice to Speak for Animals

In this article from (Hallels is a shortcut for more Hallelujahs), Dahna talks about the organization, National Mill Dog Rescue, and their dedication to rescuing discarded puppy mill breeding dogs.  She then goes on to promote her ‘Giving of the Heart’ Christmas CD, of which all profits will be donated to National Mill Dog Rescue.  Click here to read the full article.

Hallehs : Dahna Bender


Saving Pets with Music : How One Woman is Making a Difference

In Dahna’s Halfstack Magazine article, Dahna discusses the legal horrors found inside puppy mills throughout the United States and her dedication to stopping this abuse through her music.  Click here to read the full article.

Halfstack Magazine : Dahna Bender


Dahna Bender’s Christmas Gift of Music and Dog Rescue

In this Fit as Fido article, the author promotes Dahna’s ‘Giving of the Heart’ Christmas CD and includes her video on Live It Up.  For the full version, click here.

Fit as Fido : Dahna Bender


WAT’s Proust Questionnaire: Dahna Bender – Using Music to Fight for Animals

This questionnaire from Woman around Town features Dahna and her advocacy efforts fighting for human dog breeding.  Read it here.

Woman Around Town : Dahna Bender


Dahna Bender Christmas – Giving of the Heart : A Music CD

The authors of this wonderful article from Two Classy Chics praise the holiday season and Dahna’s ‘Giving of the Heart’ Christmas CD, along with her efforts behind it.  All profits from the CD will be donated to National Mill Dog Rescue, furthering their efforts of saving discarded puppy mill breeding dogs from what would otherwise be a certain death.  Read the full article here.

Two Classy Chics : Dahna Bender


Saving Animals With Music: A Sneak Peek

This Haystack Magazine article offers a sneak peak into Dahna’s upcoming project – a Christmas CD meant to save dogs.  The profits from this CD will be donated to National Mill Dog Rescue, helping with their efforts to rescue discarded breeding dogs from puppy mills.  Click here to read the full article.

Halfstack Mag : Dahna Bender


Interview With Philanthropist And Vocalist Dahna Bender

In this amazing Q & A with Miss A – Style Meets Charity, Dahna discusses her ongoing support of National Mill Dog Rescue and how she is turning her vocal talents into a fundraising tool.  With the release of her ‘Giving of the Heart’ Christmas CD, Dahna will be donating all profits to support the organization and help save the lives of puppy mill breeding dogs.  Click here to read the full article.

Miss A : Dahna Bender


Singer and Philanthropist Teams Up With Animal Rescue

Life with Dogs covers the moving story of Dahna Bender, singer and philanthropist, and her efforts to save puppy mills breeding dogs and spread education about this important cause.   Her ‘Giving of the Heart’ Christmas CD will be sold nationwide with all profits going to National Mill Dog Rescue.  Read the full article here.

Life with Dogs : Dahna Bender