Dahna’s Goal…

 “The sole purpose of my ‘Giving of the Heart’ CD project is for all the profits from sales to go to National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) and to educate the public about the cruel realities of the Commercial Dog Breeding industry – aka: “Puppy Mills”.

NMDR rescues, re-habilitates, and re-homes breeding dogs discarded from puppy mills. Their tireless voluntary efforts to help these innocent, abused dogs are led by it’s founder, Theresa Strader and many other incredible volunteers.

I thank God for being blessed to be able to have the resources and support to accomplish this goal for the greater good. I have believed from its inception that a completely selfless Act Of Kindness can only be successful as its purpose is pure. Thank you to all who have purchased this CD to help NMDR continue their devotion to these animals.”

~ Dahna

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