About National Mill Dog Rescue…

I visited National Mill Dog Rescue in April of this year. I knew all about the organization ahead of time, and the amazing people that worked there led by their founder, Theresa Strader, but as I flew to Colorado, little did I know how this experience would affect me.

I loved Theresa from afar, like we all do. Meeting her, being in her presence and feeling her passion and devotion to the dogs all around her in her (Lily’s Haven) is very hard to put into words that give it adequate justice. I loved meeting the volunteers who are as devoted as Theresa and share in her mission. I loved seeing their unconditional love for these pups and hearing their stories of what brought them to NMDR – the emotional, heartfelt narrations of their experiences with these precious animals. I loved getting to sit on the floor holding these ever so frail beings in my arms, feeling their little hearts beat and wondering what horrible experience each one had to endure, and being so thankful that this one made it out to safe haven.

I was devoted and committed to supporting NMDR before my visit. I am just as devoted, but now I have this new feeling of humbleness along with respect and love for all the people and pups.

Thank you NMDR for all that you do. I will forever work to raise awareness for your organization so that you may continue your awe-inspiring life-saving mission.

All my love and admiration,


Learn more about National Mill Dog Rescue by visiting www.milldogrescue.org