A Giving of the Heart Conclusion

As many of you know, my initial efforts behind my website and my social networking was to help National Mill Dog Rescue raise funds through the sales of a Christmas CD – ‘Giving of the Heart’.  I am very honored by those who purchased the CD and helped promote it.   Thank you for that.

Although the project didn’t do what I had envisioned it to do for 2013, the good news is there is always another year to try again.  What was so frustrating for myself and the PR firm is we received a lot of lip service from National Media. When it was time to commit no one stood by their word.  Jules and Dani of The Pitching Staff were most upset as they truly believed in our vision and had every confidence and intention that they could achieve the goal of National Media that they were hired to accomplish.

What I have come to unfortunately realize is that the organization and the cause isn’t one that the Media finds as “news worthy” on its own merit.  And since I am an unknown person my desire and campaign to help was also perceived as not “news worthy” . As horrific and untrue as this is, unfortunately they control what “the People” get to be exposed to.

With the kindness of Jules, the owner of the PR firm he has volunteered to continue his efforts for the project without compensation.  What I have come to understand is we need to deliver what the Media “wants” to accomplish the goal.  Bring funds and awareness to NMDR and the cruelties about Commercial Dog Breeding.  Our main focus is to get celebrity support for the project in any form. Known artists to do songs on the CD. Celebrities to endorse the project or act as a spokesperson for the cause. Retail support in some way. Etc.  These are the things we are currently and aggressively working on now.

Along with this I have retained Lesley Hollywood’s company to handle all the Social Media Marketing strategy’s for the project.  This is to work hand and hand with what we still need ” The Media” to be truly successful this year.  Lesley has been working with NMDR’s Rudi Taylor and helping her with all of their Social Media.  So it’s wonderful that she already has great knowledge of what is needed to support NMDR with the project.  She will be working with Rudi to help us support NMDR in the best fashion on this front.

I have to say I absolutely believe my/our efforts have not been in vain and still maintain that a true act of kindness when its purpose is pure the universe must deliver its success. I know in my heart “the People” want to help. I just need to do a better job of navigating through the obstacles and get the word to them so they can help.  Just like NMDR’s mission and amazing success of saving the pups.

With humility and hesitation, I apologies that my campaign did not achieve the high hopes I had for it this past year to support NMDR’s work.

As I have stated I/we will not be giving up. The pups need us all to fight for them. It is the only reason.

With love and much respect,

 Dahna Bender

Theresa Strader of National Mill Dog Rescue : Dahna Bender Blog