Adopted, My First Day

I was the first baby and last child to be adopted from Italy to the US in 1966. I came over very very sick. They loved me anyway! My Mom tells this story with pride 🙂

“National Mill Dog Rescue” (NMDR) take in the first babies and the last left.  They are all very, very sick. They still love them.  They then rehabilitate them.

ADOPT from NMDR!  The organization my project supports!

Dahna at adoption : Dahna Bender

Having a Blind Father

My father was an avid animal lover.  In his older retired years I used to wake up and find him feeding 4-5 cats on the kitchen counter.

I’d say, “Dad your feeding strays on the counter.”

He’d typically respond, “Oh I thought they were ours, how’d they get in?”

I’d respond, “Really? Maybe because you left the front door wide open might be how.”   This was a regular conversation. 🙂

NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE leaves their door OPEN for all the puppy mill strays!  ADOPT!

Dahna and her blind father : Dahna Bender

Being Adopted

Dahna with her mom : Dahna BenderWhen I was a child my Mom used to tell my sister and me, “We didn’t grow UNDER her heart, we grew IN her heart.”

Growing up and not being blood related to anyone put no value or important on it for me.  We CHOOSE to love our Husbands, Wives, Partners and Friends.

Animals are also a choice. My pupper Eli didn’t grow UNDER my heart she grew IN my heart.  Not blood related, Not species related, but I love her just the same.

Thank you Mom for Adopting me and opening up my heart.

Please go to NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE and ADOPT and open up your heart!

Thank you,

Dahna M. Bender

Staying Educated

NMDR pup for adoption : Dahna BenderMy mission is to STAY EDUCATED.  It’s ones best defense to “not” help add to the continuation of Commercial Dog Breeding “Puppy Mills.”  Ignorance is not an excuse!

“The USDA’s office of Inspector General (OIG) recently released a report confirming that USDA inspectors regularly ignore horrific suffering at commercial dog breeding facilities and allow the facilities to continue to operate, unimpeded, despite repeated violations of the Federal Animal Welfare Act.”

As quoted from the Humane Society of the United States website under Commercial Breeder Bill Fact Sheet!

Pictured here is BEA BOP.  Just one of the many dogs at National Mill Dog Rescue up for adoption!

Going to Colorado

Dahna going to Colorado : Dahna BenderI’m going to Colorado in April to visit National Mill Dog Rescue and see first hand what they do.  I can’t wait to meet Theresa Strader, the founder and all the people involved with her and her amazing organization.  I have a feeling I’m going to want to adopt all of the dogs 🙂

Thank you NMDR for all that you do!

Dahna Bender